We are analyzing the needs of our partners and our environment with the aim of identifying potential projects that add capabilities, efforts and resources of various actors, so that they can take advantage of business opportunities that allow us to improve our competitiveness both in nationally and at the level of global markets.

This is why we try to accompany our partners in the development of new innovative ideas that add value and visibility thanks to the contributions in various sectors such as tourism and trade, education, sustainability, etc.

In order to strengthen this task, we need pro-active promoters of ideas, since they are the ones who have been unclear how focused his initiative, using a ACTinn as a catalyst, can succeed more easily.

We are currently working on various initiatives in the field of innovation and new technologies:

  • Park Drones
  • Design and manufacture disruptive retail
  • Applications for tourism and trade
  • Contributions to improve sustainable management of our resources
  • Alliances to help strengthen the talent

If you have an innovative idea and need strategic partners, please contact us!