Projects 2020

Through our project mentoring service,
we help our partners get the most out of your cluster contacts:

  • offering a second opinion,
  • seeking funding for a specific project,
  • reviewing a technology project or a Go to Market,
  • guiding in the selection of technological partners,
  • recommending change or innovation management services.

Contact us! our feedback is free, critical and without conflict of interests.

Industrial Project – Strategic refocusing

We guided and follow-up a strategic reflection of the promoter team, carrying out an analysis of the initial investment in machinery, potential market definition, proposed aviability plan, value proposition and pre-sponsorship plan. Duration 2 months.

Digital Platform – Business case

Tendències tecnològiques palanques digitals millores rapides

Potential market Analysis for Andorra. Analysis of differential functionalities, breakeven calcualtion and potential return on investment, search for investors.
Duration 1 week.

Producte Digital – Definició

Target market definition, value proposition, initial functionalities and systems architecture, as well as minimum viable product.

Duration 2 weeks.


“ACTINN helped me in a comprehensive way, offering me not only support in the idea development but also giving me resources, tools and a whole network of contacts with whom to have a project ready to start.
I really appreciated the immediacy with which we started the project and the personalized attention and support, making it comfortable and agile for me. Also, I always had the feeling that I was in charge of defining the project’s timetable as well as the direction and the course I wanted to take. Having the security of being under the umbrella of ACTINN, where I was shown many possible scenarios . Without a doubt, without ACTINN the project could not have been what it is.

Sr. Julio Pintado MadrigalSports Business Advisor

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